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Projects for Remote Learning

Here's a growing cache of project resources that you can use while you're facilitating online learning with your students.

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A few to get you started...

For older students


For Younger Students

  • Shapes Museum: Students learn about the different geometric shapes in their immediate environment (homes, yard, or street). 
  • The StoryTime Channel: Students learn about story elements such as character, setting, and plot by reading picture books at home.
  • Rain or Shine: Students observe the weather at home.
  • Taking Care of Our Environment: Students help to create jobs and responsibilities to take care of their homes and outdoor spaces. 

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Free Webinars on Supporting Online PBL

Join one of our free webinars, designed to support teachers facilitate PBL online, or listen to recorded versions of past webinars.

Webinar Adapt Project

WEBINAR: How to Adapt a Gold Standard Project for Online Learning

We'll walk you through how to adapt a Gold Standard project for online learning. 

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Solutions for Sticky

WEBINAR: Solutions for Sticky Problems of Practice for Facilitating PBL Online

What are the top challenges teachers are encountering as they design and facilitate PBL online? Learn practical solutions for the stickiest problems of practice. 

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Teacher Stories

WEBINAR: Stories from the field: Insights from teachers facilitating PBL online

Hear directly from teachers about projects they designed and facilitated online, and key insights they gained from the experience.

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Project Resources

Don't forget to check out our library of 65 Gold Standard Projects

Our collection of project ideas is created for a range of grade levels and subject areas. Aligned to Common Core, NGSS, and other national standards, the project cards include driving questions, project descriptions, and recommendations for making products public. Each one offers a great starting point for newbies, and inspiration for more experienced practitioners.

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