Research: Strategic Projects

We collaborate with partners on strategic projects that advance PBL research and examine the effectiveness of our services.

Past Projects

Scaling HQPBL for Deeper Learning Impact

logo of HQPBLThe primary purpose of this project is to figure out how and under what conditions high quality PBL spreads across classrooms and schools within a district that engage in PBL Works’ ongoing professional development that includes Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

In addition to scaling, this project also explores alternative methods for measuring success skills (e.g., critical thinking, collaboration).

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Out of the Gate

Preparing Preservice Teachers to Use PBL through PBL

logo of Out of the GateThis project focuses on answering the question: How can we produce more teachers ready to design and facilitate high-quality PBL “out of the gate?” The purpose of this project is to examine how and the extent to which teacher education programs engaged in PBLWorks’ professional development use PBL as an instructional method to teach pre-service teachers.

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Knowledge In Action

Knowledge in Action logoThis project, led by Lucas Education Research, investigates the causal impact of project-based Advanced Placement courses on student outcomes, including AP test scores, social and emotional learning, and deeper learning.

This project builds on research from the University of Washington. PBLWorks provided professional development to support teachers as they adapt curriculum materials.

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Evaluation of Hawaii Innovative Leadership Network

logo of Hawaii Innovative Leaders NetworkThe purpose of this project was to evaluate the Hawaii Innovative Leadership Network (HILN), a network of school leaders from all of the Hawaiian islands who engaged in sustained PBL professional development offered by PBLWorks. Supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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