logo of HQPBLDriving Question

How can we scale high quality Project Based Learning (PBL) to all students, including student furthest from opportunity, in two districts?

Research Focus

PBLWorks professional development


Research Questions

  • How does high quality PBL scale and spread within and across schools?
  • What are the patterns of diffusion?
  • What system conditions enable or constrain teachers and leaders in scaling quality PBL?
  • To what extent do students, including those students furthest from opportunity, experience two quality projects each year?
  • To what extent are teachers designing, adapting, or adopting Gold Standard PBL?
  • To what extent do students report deeper learning on projects?
  • To what extent do students demonstrate mastery of key success skills?



Pearl City Waipahu Complex Area (Oahu, HI)
Manchester School District (Manchester, NH)