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Bob, Rhonda & School Leaders Captioned

Celebrating Work in the Field: Amplifying the Role Effective Leadership Plays in Making PBL a Reality

For the past 10 years as a Director of District and School Leadership with PBLWorks, I’ve walked alongside many incredible leaders

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Getting Started with PBL

Embarking on a Project Based Learning (PBL) initiative may seem overwhelming. Questions like - Where do you start? How do you

PBL World 2023 Champions

At PBLWorks, we love inspiring stories about the impact of Project Based Learning. Each year, we celebrate Individual, School, and

Creating Future Leaders Through PBL Success Skills

Allie Wong, Lead National Faculty, shares the impact Project Based Learning (PBL) had on her trajectory as a student and how the emphasis on Success that she earned as a student in PBL set her up for success as a leader in her professional life.
Gold Standard PBL: Design Elements

Gold Standard PBL: Essential Project Design Elements

An overview of the 7 Essential Project Design Elements in the PBLWorks model for Gold Standard PBL. Adapted from “Gold Standard PBL: The Essential Project Design Elements” white paper by John Larmer and John Mergendoller (2015).