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Answers to FAQs About PBL from High-Achieving Students (and Their Parents)

An explanation of how PBL differs from what high-achievers are used to, but benefits their learning. This also addresses concerns about group work and preparation for college.

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How-to Tips and Tools

How Students Become Ideal Teammates

In a computational thinking and coding project, teachers taught collaboration and communication skills by having students define good teamwork, set roles, make agreements about how to work together, engage in team-building strategies, and use a collaboration rubric.
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PBL and Equity

The Pedagogy of Poverty and its Antidote: PBL

PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer recaps a classic article from 1991 about urban education, race, and control-based schooling—and finds parallels between the author’s call for “good teaching” and Project Based Learning.
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PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer recommends and links to recent articles, blog posts, research studies, and other resources related to Project Based Learning.