Success Stories

PBL Drives Content Retention at STEM Academy

STEM Academy 7th graders introduced to PBL learn content better and retain it longer. Teacher Becky Zalesnik says that kids are not just engaged, they are driving the learning and pushing each other in their groups.

An Interview with Dr. Eric Williams, Superintendent in VA

Dr Williams talks to us about bringing PBL to 80,000 students across 90 schools in Virginia. His goal? To create graduates who are knowledgeable, critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators, and ultimately contributors to the world.

Project Based Learning and AP Physics

Student Jack Brunell reveals that the magic of the project-based philosophy that drove his course was in its ability to ensure that the learning achieved would not be exclusively theoretical.

More Than I Could Have Imagined

Science teacher Kelly Samuels at Journeys School in Jackson, WY, shares how her view radically shifted when she completed her first “authentically” PBL unit.