Parent Story - Elementary

Investigation Sisters from Goshen Elementary


A letter from Kacy Fernstrom, parent of students Wesley and Anderson, to school leaders at Goshen Post Elementary School in Loudoun County, VA

Good Morning!

I wanted to send you all a quick email and a HUGE pat on the back on this rainy Monday morning. I cannot say enough about the experiences that my 3 kids are having at Goshen Post! It has been such an amazing start to the school year to say the least! They all come home filled with enthusiasm and excitement about what they have been doing at school and the activities (PBLs) that are associated with them.

I have a story to share with you about this weekend and how my girls are applying what they are learning at school while at home. With the very rainy Sunday they were looking for things to do. Anderson wanted to go outside and jump in the muddy puddles! Wesley was excited about the idea too, so they headed outside to play. When they came back, Wesley explained to me that they noticed the rain was flowing and filling all of the storm drains in the front lawns of our street. This is where the PBL comes in!

She turned this little observation into a project. She and Anderson came up with a plan to figure out where the water was coming from, why it was flowing the way that it was, and where it ended. They asked us to drive them down the street to see where it started and where it ended so that they could record this information. They then came up with their own theories, headed home and wrote about it on Wesley's new Chrome Book. All of this taking hours, filling their afternoon, and creating huge smiles on their faces and laughter between two sisters! The best part was that they names themselves "The Investigation Sisters" and came up with a theme song

They have always been creative, but I can tell what you are doing at school is not only motivating them to be more creative, but giving them a framework in how to do it!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Investigation Sisters from Goshen Elementary