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During these unprecedented times and school closures... 

...how can a PBL teacher keep students connected and engaged, so a project is just as powerful as what would be expected in their face-to-face classroom?

We created this resource to provide a host of ideas, examples, and tools that can help you answer this question, but first..

A Few General Tips

  • Lead with compassion and care.  Connection matters most. Students want to see their friends and hear from their teachers. They miss you.  
  • Be mindful of family situations and stressors.  Many families are overwhelmed with managing multiple grade levels/students alongside concerns about finances and general safety. 
  • Provide as much voice and choice as possible for students especially in terms of how they share what they are learning. There should be plenty of low tech options provided for those that do not have access to digital tools and/or wifi. 

Great projects for remote learning


Here are ideas for projects you can adapt for your remote students.

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Technologies we like for remote learning


Here are technologies recommended by our community of teachers.

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Yes, you can do PBL remotely


Here are ideas and best practices for maintaining your PBL culture and facilitating projects remotely.

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all kids


Making remote learning accessible for all students

How can we provide students with the safety net that school offers, while also using this opportunity to change the way we think about school?  We're exploring the possibilities.

Resources for equity

mom and son


How families can support students with PBL at home

You don’t have to be a teacher or an expert on Project Based Learning to help your kids with PBL at home. Here are some ideas and resources you can use right now.

Resources for families

Yes, we provide PBL training for educators!

PBLWorks offers a variety of PBL workshops, courses and services for teachers, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches - whether you're just getting started or advancing your practice.

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