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Services for Schools

For schools seeking to provide professional development, we offer a variety of online and in-person services aligned to our Gold Standard PBL Frameworks. 

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Services for Schools

For schools seeking to provide professional development, we offer a variety of online and in-person services aligned to our Gold Standard PBL Frameworks. 

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Looking to schedule your own workshop to launch PBL with your teachers and staff? You've come to the right place. We bring high-quality Project Based Learning to in-person and online workshops, for schools and districts across the country. Services include


Project Slice

Experience PBL as a learner by engaging in an immersive PBL experience—a “slice” of a project. Features the key elements of PBL in action. Choose from one the workshop options:

  • Sustainable Future: Teams work together to answer the driving question: “How do we manage shared resources for a sustainable future?” 
  • The Art of Persuasion: Teams work together to answer the driving question: “How can we inspire people to create change?”

PBL 101

This foundational three-day workshop in Project Based Learning—based on our model of Gold Standard PBL—is the best way to begin your PBL journey. In this workshop, you will develop a Gold Standard project for your students and learn equity-centered teaching practices to facilitate high quality PBL. The PBL 101 workshop models the Project Based Learning process.

Sustained Support Visits

Deepen your ability to implement a Gold Standard project by learning how to reflect on and strengthen the essential project design elements and project based teaching practices in a specific project. Sustained Support Visits are designed to provide focused support for teachers to implement projects effectively. Focus areas include: 

  • Building a PBL Culture
  • Formative Assessment 
  • Implementation Studio
  • Literacy
  • Managing the Process
  • Peer Critique
  • Project Design Refresh (Full Day Only)
  • Student Reflection
  • Sustained Inquiry

PBL 201– Equity & Gold Standard PBL

Deepen your understanding of how to integrate the PBL Equity Levers into the design and facilitation of Gold Standard PBL in a way that fosters equity in the classroom.

PBL 201– Improving the Quality of Student Work

Improve your project facilitation skills in ways that lead to high-quality student work and rigorous thinking by reflecting on a project and investigating specific strategies that can strengthen project implementation.

Teacher Online Consultancies

Obtain support for teachers with a series of one-on-one or small group consultancy sessions with PBL experts throughout the school year. Teachers receive “just in time” guidance, support, and resources during project implementation.

Project Design Consulting

New in 2023

Project Design Consulting builds the capacity of teachers who have participated in PBL 101 to develop a deeper understanding of how to design high-quality projects based on the Gold Standard Seven Essential Design Elements. In individual or team meetings, the National Faculty offer targeted expert consulting based on 1-3 specific Design Elements, using the project design rubric. 

PBL Coaching

Deepen your expertise as a PBL instructional coach or leader by engaging in this three-day experience where you will create a PBL Coaching Toolkit to help you support teachers with the implementation of  Gold Standard PBL. PBL 101 or experience with Gold Standard PBL is required. 

Leadership Jumpstart

Designed for school and district leaders (principals, assistant principals, deans, department heads, grade level leaders, and others responsible for instructional coaching) to learn how to support teachers who completed PBL 101 to implement Gold Standard PBL in their classrooms. This workshop is to be scheduled in conjunction with PBL 101 for teachers.

PBL Leadership

Dive in with your leadership team to learn how to grow the conditions needed for Gold Standard Project Based Learning to thrive in your system. Due to the nature of the workshop, participants are required to attend as a team of three or more individuals. Both new and experienced practitioners of PBL are welcome. 

PBL Classroom Walkthroughs

New in 2023

PBL Classroom Walkthroughs build the capacity of school leaders or instructional coaches to develop a deeper understanding of what Gold Standard Project Based Teaching Practices look like in action. In one-day walkthroughs, National Faculty offer targeted expert consulting focused on 1-3 specific PBL Teaching Practices identified in advance by the school leader or instructional coach. 


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We’d love to connect with you and explore options for bringing PBL to your school through in-person or online workshops. Whether this is your first workshop, or you are looking for continued support, we have options available and are looking forward to discussing more! We're here to answer your questions and discuss all the details. 


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