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How to Facilitate PBL Online with Students

We've asked educators who are navigating distance learning what they need most right now. Based on what we heard, we've designed a series of webinars to engage teachers in interactive online learning experiences and offer practical guidance for facilitating Gold Standard Project Based Learning online with students.

All webinars will be presented in Zoom Meeting and recorded versions will be made available here, free to all.

Here are the currently available webinars...

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Keep kids engaged in the joy of learning this summer

Parents and caregivers, join this highly interactive webinar to learn about This Teachable Moment: Engaging Our Kids in the Joy of Learning, a new eBook written by PBLWorks for parents and caregivers who are seeking practical solutions to keep kids learning, growing, and discovering during school shutdowns, over the summer, and beyond.

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7 Tech Tools for Supporting Online PBL

There are a lot of technology tools out there that can support high quality Project Based Learning (PBL). Which ones work well for online learning? Join us to learn about 7 tech tools aligned to PBLWorks’ 7 Essential Project Design Elements.

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How to Adapt a Gold Standard Project for Online Learning

Teachers across the nation and world are trying to figure out how to engage students in intellectually challenging and meaningful work online. Join us to learn how to adapt a Gold Standard project for online learning. 

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Solutions for Sticky Problems of Practice for Facilitating PBL Online

What are the top challenges teachers are encountering as they design and facilitate PBL online? Learn practical solutions for the stickiest problems of practice. 

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How Can High Quality PBL Create Equity in the Classroom? 

How does Gold Standard PBL and technology help achieve equitable outcomes in our classrooms? Join us as we explore how bold educators can activate change to foster equitable learning environments that better equip all learners to reach their academic, vocational, and personal aspirations.

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Teacher insights
WEBINAR #5 - 7 – MAY 2020

Stories from the field: Teacher insights from facilitating PBL remotely

What can we learn from teachers who are facilitating PBL online right now? Join us to hear directly from six teachers in the field. Each of our 3 sessions below are unique, featuring two teachers sharing their experiences in each webinar. So get the recorded session of one or more!


Hear directly from two teachers about what they learned from facilitating the Happy Plants project designed for newcomer students and the COVID-19 project designed for health sciences.
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Hear directly from two teachers about what they learned from facilitating  the Outsiders Playlist project, adapted from a PBLWorks’ project card, and the Visual Art Show project designed to support students through the pandemic. 
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Hear directly from two teachers about what they learned from facilitating  the Red Wolves project designed for science and the Hershey project designed for marketing. 
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WEBINAR #8 – MAY 2020

How Students Experience High Quality PBL Online

What do we know about how students experience PBL online? Join us to learn about the HQPBL Framework and how you can use it to design and assess a student’s experience in PBL (including online).

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PBLWorks offers a variety of PBL workshops, courses and services for teachers, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches - whether you're just getting started or advancing your practice.

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