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Workshops, Courses & Programs

Are you ready to move from theory into practice with PBL? Then, there's something for you in our full slate of services.

Whether you're a new-to-PBL teacher or a seasoned instructional coach or leader — we're here for you!

Workshops, Courses & Programs

Are you ready to move from theory into practice with PBL? Then, there's something for you in our full slate of services.

Whether you're a new-to-PBL teacher or a seasoned instructional coach or leader — we're here for you!

Why educators choose PBLWorks

Based on the PBLWorks Gold Standard PBL model and facilitated by our expert National Faculty, each service is a deeply immersive, hands-on experience. You will walk away inspired and prepared to begin implementing Project Based Learning. Educators consistently rate our workshops as exceptional.

Each service is based on tried-and-true learning experiences that lead to sustained changes in practice for educators. At PBLWorks, we have been refining our work for over 20 years. Our singular focus is on supporting educators like you, to bring high-quality Project Based Learning to students everywhere.

Choose your pathway.

PBLWorks offers a variety of PBL workshops, courses, and services for educators - whether you're just getting started or advancing your practice, in the classroom or teaching remotely.

– For Teachers: Getting Started with PBL

– For Teachers: Ongoing Support for PBL

– For PBL Leaders & Coaches

– For District Partners

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Or view all the services below in our 2022 Services Catalog.

PBLWorks 2022 Service Catalog


For Teachers: Gold Standard PBL

Getting Started with Gold Standard PBL


PBL Project Slice

Experience PBL as a learner by engaging in an immersive PBL experience—a “slice” of a project. Features the key elements of PBL in action.

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Social Emotional Learning in PBL

Reflect on how Transformative SEL serves as a lever for equity by lifting up identity, agency, belonging, curiosity, and collaborative decision-making for students.

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PBL 101 Workshop

Gain the knowledge and skills to design, assess, and manage rigorous, standards-based projects. Actively engage in project design and generate a project plan for your own use.

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Becoming a PBL Teacher

Build on your current teaching practice to become a Project Based Teacher. Learn how to use the Gold Standard Teaching Practices, and understand the Essential Project Design Elements.

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Ongoing Support for Gold Standard PBL


Sustained Support

Support with Gold Standard Teaching Practices, after completing PBL 101. Focuses on skills and materials needed to effectively implement a project. Work with your facilitator to choose from a range of focus areas. 

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Online Teacher Consultancy

Support teachers with a series of one-on-one consultancy sessions during the school year. Provide “just in time” guidance and resources during project implementation. Sessions are 30-60 minutes each.

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Presentations of Learning

For teachers who have implemented at least 1-2 projects. Share learning and reflection with colleagues through a structured presentation on PBL implementation. Ideal for the end of semester or school year.

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For PBL Leaders & Coaches


PBL Coaching

Are you an instructional coach or leader who supports teachers implementing PBL? This is for you!
Gain the knowledge and skills to support teachers in PBL. Based on our PBL Coaching Cycle and aligned to our model for Gold Standard Project Based Learning.

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PBL Leadership Workshop

Dive into how your school leadership team can support the conditions for PBL to thrive. Work in teams to design your own strategy to foster a project- based mindset for teaching and learning.

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PBL Leadership Jumpstart

Get support to prepare for a successful PBL 101 Workshop experience for your teachers. Receive guidance on how to support teachers with implementation of Gold Standard PBL. This includes two 90-minute sessions.

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PBL School Leader Network

Create the ideal conditions for implementing PBL and sustaining its momentum by building the strengths of your school leaders.

Connect with like-minded school leaders in one of our network regions. Join a network to transform your school through PBL.

For District Partners


The PBL District Partnership Program

Develop and implement your own system-wide program for Project Based Learning across your school district — including support services for leaders, teachers, and instructional coaches.

Through a multi-year partnership, your team will develop the capacity, conditions, and coherence for successful Project Based Learning.

Each district’s implementation plan is customized to support the specific needs of your team. All support plans include comprehensive services for all: teachers, coaches, and leaders.

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Ready to get started? Connect with our District Partnership Team by calling 415-475-6736 OR scheduling a call.

For District Leaders
● Project Slice & Visioning Day
● PBL Partner Summit
This annual gathering brings together all of our current district partners for shared learning.
● District Implementation Calls
● Online Consultancy Sessions

For School Leaders
● PBL School Leadership Series
A powerful sequence of leadership sessions that are milestones on your PBL journey.
● School Implementation Calls

For Teachers & Coaches
● PBL 101 Workshop
● Sustained Support Visits
● Presentations of Learning
● PBL Coaching Workshop

The District Leader Network (above) is also highly recommended for our district partners.

PBLWorks by the numbers...

Teachers & Leaders across all 50 states have been trained to use PBL by PBLWorks.
Schools have implemented PBL with our support.
60 +
Districts have partnered with PBLWorks for system-wide change

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