PBL 201: Equity & Gold Standard PBL

This 3-day advanced PBL workshop supports experienced practitioners in aligning PBL practices with the principles of culturally responsive teaching.
PBL 201

The essentials...

  • Prerequisite: The PBLWorks PBL 101 Workshop 
  • A 3-day workshop for up to 35 participants 
  • Designed for teachers, coaches, curriculum specialists, school & district leaders
  • Led by a member of PBLWorks' National Faculty – seasoned teachers, administrators, school coaches, and PBL experts.

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Workshop Description

In this workshop, participants explore critical considerations for fostering equity in the PBL classroom. Participants reflect on their own identities and mindsets related to equity. They will refine a project design with educational equity in mind and plan for project implementation with an eye toward creating meaningful, challenging, and culturally relevant learning experiences for all learners, particularly those historically marginalized by our educational system.

This PBL 201 workshop focuses on the seven Project Based Teaching Practices through the lens of four equity “levers:” Knowledge of Students, Cognitive Demand, Literacy, and Shared Power.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement strategies and practices for learning about students, their families, and communities and use that learning to inform PBL design and facilitation
  • Provide a balance of challenge and support via cognitively demanding tasks and appropriate scaffolds so that all students can access deep levels of inquiry.
  • Identify key literacy skills and make a plan to support them to help students access content/learning and deepen students’ ability to communicate within and across disciplines 
  • Co-create a learning community where students have the opportunity to shape the direction of the process and products as appropriate for the task, content, and age level of the students.

Join us for this PBL 201 Workshop, offered on multiple dates throughout the year.


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