Prepared by McREL International for PBLWorks

Purpose and Guiding Questions

McREL International (McREL), a not-for-profit education research organization, was contracted by BIE in May 2016 to serve as the third-party evaluator to determine the extent to which the BIE Leadership Training, as implemented over two years from 2016 - 2018, achieved outcomes in Deeper Learning Leadership among principals leading PBL in their schools.

The evaluation included a review of two school districts – 1) The Hawaii Department of Education, or the Hawaii Innovative Leaders Network (hereafter referred to as HILN) and 2) Northmont City Schools in Ohio (hereafter referred to as Northmont). Both selfreport data of deeper learning leadership, as well as critical elements of PBL implementation of participating schools were compared to examine the effect of BIE training activities, including the peer networking and the creation and presentation of a leadership portfolio of the HILN.

HILN evaluation

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