Out of the Gate

Preparing university faculty, preservice teachers, and cooperating teachers for high quality PBL.

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Driving Question

How can we produce more teachers ready to design and facilitate high-quality PBL “out of the gate?”

Research Focus

PBLWorks professional development

Research Questions

  • How do Out of the Gate university faculty members’, cooperating teachers’, and pre-service teachers’ beliefs, knowledge, and confidence related to PBL change over time?
  • To what extent do Out of the Gate pre-service and cooperating teachers report implementing high-quality PBL, and how does implementation change over time?
  • To what extent do TEPs change how they prepare preservice teachers with PBL, and to what extent can the changes be attributed to participation in Out of the Gate?
  • What challenges and supports do TEP participants and stakeholders experience and how can these supports be continued and these challenges overcome?
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University of Mary, North Dakota

  • Bismarck Public School District

Otterbein University, Ohio

  • Olentangy Local School District
  • Whitehall City Schools
  • Westerville City Schools
  • Carl Winchester School District
  • Southwestern City School District

Grand Valley State University, Michigan

  • Godfrey-Lee Public Schools
  • Lowell Public Schools
  • Kent Innovation High School
  • Kentwood Public Schools
  • Wyoming Public Schools


Building Knowledge Out of the Gate: Second Interim Evaluation Report, May 15, 2018

OOTG Evaluation Report 2018

Download the report