Services: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out more about workshops for teachers—like about availability, pricing, and scheduling?

    You’ve come to the right place! PBLWorks can provide a wide range of on-site support, from workshops for teachers to school & district partnerships for system-wide support.

    Are you starting to plan your school PD calendar? During the school year, we generally need at least 6-8 weeks notice for scheduling. This helps us to complete contracting and best prepare for your visit. For the summer, our service calendar is especially busy–often booked out 2-3 months in advance. If you’re planning ahead, we’re happy to schedule a year or more in advance.

    For more information, pricing, and next steps, let’s schedule a call.

  • Who will facilitate my workshop?

    Each workshop is facilitated by a hand-picked member of PBLWorks’ National Faculty, an expert group of PBL educators. All of our facilitators participate in ongoing, rigorous training with PBLWorks, and many also continue to work directly in schools and districts. As seasoned teachers and leaders, they are brimming with expertise, passion, and firsthand experience in PBL.

    Each National Faculty member brings their own areas of expertise, along with a comprehensive understanding of our Gold Standard PBL model. The facilitator for your workshop will be specifically chosen based on the needs of your workshop cohort. For more information, read about our National Faculty, or get in touch.

  • What's included in an workshop?

    Here is an overview of what to expect with your service:

    • Workshops can generally accommodate a group of up to 35 participants from your school or district.
    • Your facilitator will schedule a pre-visit phone call with your administrative contact for planning and logistics.
    • Some workshops, like the PBL 101 and Project Slices, include 35 copies of an exclusive companion workbook. You will receive these by mail in advance.
    • The length and time with the facilitator is specific to each service.

    For more details about specific workshops, get in touch to schedule a call with a member of our team.

  • After completing a PBLWorks workshop, what’s my next step?

    Once you’ve taken the first step in your PBL journey - completing the PBL 101 Workshop- it’s important to continue supporting this big shift in your teaching practice.

    For school or district groups, your ongoing support can be customized through on-site services. Get in touch about options for scheduling a Sustained Support Visit for your team.

    For individuals teachers or small groups, join us at another public PBL Institute for a PBL 201 session at one of our upcoming events. These sessions focus dive deeper into specific elements of your PBL teaching practice.

    Are you in a leadership or coaching role? We have workshops that support your specific work too. Look for a Leadership Team Workshop or Coaching Workshop at one of our upcoming events.

  • What is the suggested sequence for rolling out PBL across my school or district?

    Great question! There’s really no one-size-fits-all plan for launching Project Based Learning with your students and teachers. However, there are some good suggestions to consider as you get started...

    For teachers, a common sequence is to start with the PBLWorks PBL 101 workshop at your school or district, and then followup with two or more of our Sustained Support Visits over the next year. This gives teachers the shared foundation and ongoing support that’s needed to make this big change in teaching practice. Read more about our teacher services.

    Your leaders and coaches may be interested in specialized workshops: PBL Leadership and PBL Coaching. Or maybe you’re looking for a school & district partnership to support this system-wide change. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you learn and grow in PBL!

    Are you interested in getting started? Get in touch to talk through more details.

  • As an individual teacher or leader, how can I attend a PBLWorks workshop?

    We’d love to support your PBL journey! Attending PBL World or one of our Open Online Workshops is a great option for individuals and small groups.

    Each event offers the PBL 101 Workshop–our foundational course in Project Based Learning–and may include PBL Leadership Workshops, PBL Coaching Workshop, or advanced PBL 201 sessions. Learn more here.

  • As an international educator, how can I work with PBLWorks?

    We’d love to support your PBL journey! Attending PBL World is a great option for individuals and small groups.

    PBL World offers the PBL 101 Workshop–our foundational course in Project Based Learning–and may include PBL Leadership Workshops, PBL Coaching Workshop, or advanced PBL 201 sessions. Learn more here.

    Our team at PBLWorks has limited availability for services outside of the United States, but we are always happy to learn more from you! If you’re looking for workshops or events, please get in touch to share more details.

  • How can I contact PBLWorks for more info about services? 

    We’d love to connect with you! Simply fill out a service request form, so we can schedule a phone call – or feel free to get in touch by emailing [email protected].

    And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our services and trainings!

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