PBL 101: An Introduction to PBL

This 3-day workshop, our foundational course in Project Based Learning, is the best way to begin your PBL journey.
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The essentials...

  • A 3-day workshop for up to 35 participants 
  • Designed for teachers, school and district leaders, and instructional coaches 
  • Based on our research-informed model of Gold Standard Project Based Learning, that sets a high bar for implementing  rigorous, standards-based projects.
  • Led by the PBLWorks National Faculty – a hand-picked group of seasoned teachers, administrators, school coaches, and PBL experts.

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What you'll be doing over 3 days

In PBL 101, you learn all about Gold Standard Project Based Learning and, most importantly, how to get started in your classroom. You'll walk away with a draft of a standards-based, PBL project unit, ready to finish and implement with your students.

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Day #1


During this first day, you'll establish a vision for the work by imagining your ideal graduate, and you'll build the foundation of a project that is deeply rooted in rigorous content.

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Day #2


You'll develop the story of your project and outline your plans for using assessment effectively to monitor and support student learning.

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Day #3


You'll build on your plans by learning about how to ensure successful outcomes for all students through scaffolding and project management. 

Here's a glimpse at the on site workshop in action...


Why 3 consecutive days? Some of you might think it's a tall order to find the time for our workshop, but we believe it's essential. The work you'll be doing is deep and challenging and can be transformative for your practice. Three days creates the space for active, hands-on project planning, peer collaboration and feedback, and reflection on learning that leads to sustained change.

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"In PBL 101, I enjoyed the chance to completely immerse myself in the learning – and to work towards designing my project at the same time."

A few more things to know about PBL 101


PBL 101 models the PBL process.  You'll be experiencing the same style of learning that you're designing for your students. The workshop models many features of Project Based Learning — from an engaging entry event to a final public product.

You'll experience a mix of learning activities.  The workshop is a blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. 

You get access to a host of online resources. Online resources — including an in-workshop companion and post-workshop learning modules — provide continued support beyond the workshop days for your PBL design and implementation in the classroom.

You'll understand how PBL supports educational equity.  Every workshop and every service we design reflects our mission to prepare all students for academic, personal, and career success.

It's part of a sustained learning journey.  Real change happens over weeks, months, and even years, not overnight. After PBL 101, you can continue on your learning path by accessing online resources and coaching, as well as planning for support services to deepen your PBL practice.

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2 ways to join a PBL 101 Workshop...

For Individuals and Small Teams 

If you're getting started with PBL on your own, join one of our PBL 101 Workshops offered throughout the year.

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For Schools and Districts

We can schedule an online PBL 101 Workshop exclusively for you and your colleagues.

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