Funding to support supplemental Open Educational Resource Project Based Learning units for math in grades 6–8

Middle School Math

Novato, CA (February 9, 2023) –  The Buck Institute for Education / PBLWorks, a national provider of professional development for high-quality Project Based Learning (PBL), today announces that it has received $2.5 million from the One8 Foundation. The One8 Foundation is supporting the development of supplemental Open Educational Resource (OER) Project Based Learning units for mathematics in grades 6–8. The project will focus on building and testing the PBL units in collaboration with teachers and students in Massachusetts. Once fully developed, these supplemental PBL mathematics units will be open educational resources available to teachers throughout the United States. 

“We are strong believers in the value of high-quality instructional materials that create applied learning opportunities – allowing students to see how what they learn can be used to solve real-world problems,” comments Joanna Jacobson, a trustee and President of the One8 Foundation. “PBLNow represents an exciting opportunity to bring applied learning into math education and fundamentally change the way students interact with core math concepts.”

The One8 Foundation partners with organizations that provide effective applied learning and STEM education programs. The Foundation provides multi-year financial, strategic, and analytical support to the leadership teams of grantee organizations.

“We are grateful to One8 for funding that will help us to bring Project Based Learning into more classrooms in support of all students, especially Black and Brown students, and their teachers,” comments Kathleen Schwille, Executive Director, PBLNow. “One8 is giving us an opportunity to develop equity-focused mathematics materials that can support teachers in implementing Gold Standard PBL. We are so excited to launch this work and build on the amazing resources and expertise of PBLWorks.”

The grant’s funding will be used to support PBLWorks and PBLNow in designing and testing supplemental OER mathematics units, curriculum-based professional development, and accompanying resources. The support from the One8 Foundation to develop supplemental OER PBL units in mathematics is part of a larger initiative that includes support from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and the Bezos Family Foundation. KDE has provided support to design and test supplemental OER science units for K-12, and the Bezos Family Foundation has provided funds to support supplemental OER social studies units for grades 4–12. 

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About One8 Foundation

The One8 education team identifies, supports, and scales high-impact applied learning programs that engage students actively in their learning and prepare them for success in a rapidly changing, data-rich world. One8 is committed to building a future where high-quality applied learning opportunities, oriented around STEM and 21st century skills, that make learning relevant, stimulating, and rewarding, are a regular part of the student experience, driving impact for all students. Learn more at

About Buck Institute for Education (BIE)

At PBLWorks, a division of BIE, we believe that all students, especially Black and Brown students, should have access to high-quality Project Based Learning to deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career, and life. Its focus is on building the capacity of teachers to design and facilitate quality Project Based Learning, and on supporting school and system leaders in creating the conditions for these teachers to succeed with all students. 

PBLNow is a division of BIE focused on creating supplemental K–12 Open Educational Resource (OER) PBL units that teachers can use to achieve impact and equity for all students, especially Black and Brown students.