Feeling Stuck? How to Get Started with Your First Project

If you're excited about PBL, but hesitant to start in your classroom – this is for you!

typewriter with words 'PBL: Start Now'

Keep it simple.

Your first project can be small! Start with one subject instead of an interdisciplinary project. Or begin with a two-week project, and save that extended project for later.

Choose a project, and make a plan.

Looking for inspiration? Explore our PBL Project Library, or adapt a pre-existing project to fit your students. For a peek into real classrooms, watch these project videos to see some great projects in action. (Remember to keep your project simple to start!)

Then, use the Project Planner to capture your ideas and get organized. With so many pieces to plan, this form can guide your way – from entry event and driving question, to daily lessons, and more.

Find the key resources that you need.

You're not alone on your PBL journey! There's a growing community of educators and so many resources to support you along the way.

Here are a few favorites to bookmark...

Bonus! Check out How-To Tips & Tools for many more ideas.

Trust yourself.

You already have the skills you need to get started. You know how to coach kids and organize your curriculum. You know good teaching practices, standards, and how to scaffold for different learners. You already manage activities in the classroom, and know how to assess formatively and summatively. Through PBL, you have the chance to use and hone your existing skills in a new way.

It's go time!

You may feel challenged. You may lose your balance. You may even stumble, but you won’t fall. We’re always here with any support you need, whatever it takes to keep you moving toward the rewarding view at the top. You can do this!

The most important thing? Just get started.

Ready to go? Here are 2 key resources...

Project Ideas

Project Ideas

Our Project Library with more than 70 Gold Standard PBL project ideas.

View the projects
Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

And more resources to support Project Based Learning.

See more resources