PBL is good for English learners

At the ASCD annual conference in Anaheim, CA on March 27, 2017 the Buck Institute’s Gina Olabuenaga and John Larmer presented a session on equity and PBL, specifically how to support English learners during a project. Along with basic information about BIE’s model for Gold Standard PBL, they shared this resource list with participants.


New Resource from BIE: English Learner Scaffolds for PBL

This planning tool is explained in detail in another blog post.

New FreeBIE Resource: English Learner Scaffolds for PBL

Supporting ELLs Through Project-Based Learning

Katherine Smith School Kindergarten Presentations

BIE Blog Posts

Additional Resources

Innovations in Educational Equity for English Language Learners


English Language Learners: A Policy Research Brief by NCTE

Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching English Language Learners

English-Language Learners

Unlocking Learning: Science as a Lever for English Learner Equity

Internationals Network for Public Schools (Project Examples)

Student Voice: Experiencing Deeper Learning Through PBL (Project Example)


Do you have additional resources for supporting English learners in PBL? Please enter them in the comments below.

Gina Olabuenaga, Director of Curriculum
Gina is responsible for designing and creating PBLWorks' content and professional development services, as well as supporting National Faculty in delivering those services.
John Larmer, Editor in Chief
John is editor in chief at PBLWorks, where he has helped create professional development workshops and PBL curriculum materials. He writes for and edits the PBL Blog, and is the co-author of several books on PBL.