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Building a Culture of Student Agency

Imagine you are in a department meeting planning your next project. At the table with you are two co-teachers and next to them are

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Gold Standard PBL: Teaching Practices

3 Tips for Getting Standards-Aligned Products

Meeting the Project Based Teaching Rubric criteria “clearly and specifically derived from standards” and “allows demonstration of mastery” requires careful thought and planning.
Gold Standard PBL: Teaching Practices

Scaffolding the PBL Shift

Even when we think that we’re “experts” at the craft of teaching PBL in a student centered fashion, we still need to be cognizant of our students’ experience level of owning their own learning.
Gold Standard PBL: Teaching Practices

Our Students; Our Co-workers

The importance of teachers' letting go of the “sage on the stage” role and engaging with students in project work.