School & District Partnerships

Develop a system-wide program for PBL in your school or district with onsite services for leaders, teachers, and staff.

Starting PBL in just a single classroom requires a shift in teaching practice and mindset. So it makes sense that supporting PBL across an entire school or district brings its own challenges. It also has as an even greater impact on students, of course!

Each year, PBLWorks partners with a select number of schools and districts to support system-wide implementation of high-quality Project Based Learning. Through a one-year or multi-year partnership, we work with you as a partner to develop the capacity, conditions, and coherence for successful PBL.

School & District Partnerships

Our onsite services for school and district partners will build your capacity to support system-wide implementation of PBL. Each partnership is a one-year or multi-year commitment.

Your implementation plan is a customized series of services, which may include:

  • CirclesPBL Visioning Day
  • PBL School Assessment
  • District Development Coaching
  • Implementation Planning Lab
  • PBL Leadership Team Development Series
  • PBL Coaching Workshop
  • PBL 101: Introductory Workshop
  • Sustained Support Visits

The schedule and timeline for your series of services is customized to support the specific needs of your school or district.

How a PBL Partnership Works

A partnership with PBLWorks is focused on building the capacity, conditions, and coherence for quality Project Based Learning with your teachers, staff, and leadership team.

This includes support to:

  • Build the capacity of your school and district leaders to support a system-wide approach to high-quality PBL
  • Develop a clear vision and purpose for PBL
  • Bring coherence by articulating how PBL aligns with other priorities and initiatives
  • Create the conditions and build teacher capacity to implement high-quality projects
  • Develop the culture across your school or district to support PBL
  • Reflect and refine to engage in continuous improvement

Your partnership will be managed by a director of school and district development from PBLWorks – along with a hand-selected team of our expert National Faculty members.

Let's get started!

Are you fine-tuning your plan for next year? Or still debating the options? Our team is happy to talk through the details, answer your questions, and share tips on how to get started.

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Our partnership with PBLWorks has been crucial for scaling Project Based Learning... They have taken the time to get to know our district. With PBLWorks, it is never a cookie cutter approach.

Dr. Eric Williams , Superintendent, Loudoun County Public Schools