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PBL Courses & Workshops for Individuals

Get started learning about PBL, whether you’re brand new to PBL or advancing your practice. 

PBL Courses & Workshops for Individuals

Get started learning about PBL, whether you’re brand new to PBL or advancing your practice. 

Teachers and leaders don’t become PBL experts overnight 

The trip from traditional instruction to PBL is a journey of professional learning and reflection. If you're looking for support as you navigate your way, we'd be happy to be your guide. Our research-informed workshops and frameworks are designed to develop and improve your teaching practice–whether you’re brand new to PBL or advancing your practice. 

Get started on your adventure

See the path to PBL we've created for you (below), based on the experience of over 100,000 teachers and leaders we've trained. For a deeper dive into the key stages of the path, check out our free eBook, "Your PBL Journey: A Guide for Teachers."

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And here are the courses, workshops, and resources to support you each step of the way...

If you're just beginning to DISCOVER (Stage 1) the merits of PBL, we have a myriad of resources here on our website for you to explore, including: the PBL Blog, books, and free PBL projects and resources at MyPBLWorks

If you're ready to jump in to learn and implement PBL, join us for the following courses and workshops - all available online!

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PBL 101: Introduction to Project Design

Our flagship foundational course provides a grounding in the Gold Standard PBL model and project design. Draft a standards-based PBL unit, ready to finish and implement with your students. 

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Becoming a PBL Teacher

Build the knowledge and key teaching practices to become a PBL teacher. You’ll learn how to incorporate effective teaching practices into the framework of PBL, as you discover a new and rewarding role for yourself in the classroom.

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PBL Project Slice

This “day in the life” is a great way to understand what it's like to be a learner in a PBL classroom.

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PBL 201: Improving the Quality of Student Work

In this advanced workshop, participants will investigate and apply teaching practices and strategies that can help to strengthen the quality of student work in the PBL classroom.

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PBL Coaching Workshop

For instructional coaches

Based on the PBLWorks Coaching Cycle and aligned to Gold Standard Project Based Teaching Practices, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to support teachers in project implementation.

No workshops are available at this time, but we hope to offer an online version soon!


PBL Leadership Workshop

For school or district leaders

An intensive dive into how school and district leaders can create the conditions needed for Project Based Learning to thrive in their systems. 

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This is probably the best professional development I have ever participated in, and I've been teaching for twenty-five years. It is EXACTLY what I needed for my PBL practice right now.

Teacher , Kansas