PBL World conference shot

PBLWorks is offering experienced professional service providers who share our vision – for all students, especially Black and Brown students, to engage in high-quality Project Based Learning to deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career, and life – to host an onsite Regional PBL Conference in their region or state in the United States to implement high-quality Project Based Learning (PBL) in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Through Regional PBL Conferences, host partners have an opportunity to design and “host” a PBL conference “powered” by PBLWorks’ outstanding professional development, including these three-day workshops:

  • PBL 101: This foundational workshop in Project Based Learning — based on our model of Gold Standard PBL — is the best way to begin the PBL journey. In this workshop, teachers and instructional support providers plan a Gold Standard project for students and learn equity-centered teaching practices to facilitate high-quality PBL. The PBL 101 workshop models the Project Based Learning process.
  • PBL 201 - Improving the Quality of Student Work: In this workshop, teachers and instructional support providers improve their project facilitation skills in ways that lead to high-quality student work and rigorous thinking by reflecting on a project and investigating specific strategies that can strengthen project implementation.
  • PBL 201 - Equity and Gold Standard PBL: In this workshop, teachers and instructional support providers deepen their understanding of how to integrate the PBL Equity Levers into the design and facilitation of Gold Standard PBL in a way that fosters equity in the classroom.
  • PBL Coaching: In this workshop, instructional coaches and school and district leaders deepen their expertise as a PBL instructional coach or leader by engaging in this three-day experience where you will create a PBL Coaching Toolkit to help you support teachers with the implementation of Gold Standard PBL.
  • PBL Leadership: In this workshop, teams of 3-4 educators from districts or schools, including new and experienced PBL practitioners, learn how to grow the conditions needed for Gold Standard Project Based Learning to thrive in a school  system. This workshop begins with a Project Slice, followed by two days of developing on a school level PBL Implementation Plan.


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