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Why and How Our PBL 101 Workshop Is Getting a Refresh

New features for our signature introductory PBL workshop, including the importance of knowing your students, three key levers for promoting equity in PBL, and a new project library and online learning platform for follow-up support.

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Top PBL Books & Resources 2018

PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer lists helpful resources and thought-provoking books for teachers and school leaders.
General PBL

PBL in China? Yes! Maybe!

PBL Blog editor John Larmer travels to Shanghai and finds growing interest in PBL. Similar to the US, in China most of the PBL is happening so far in private schools while public school systems are slower to adopt innovations.
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PBL and Equity

The Day the Project Stopped

What happened when high school students faced racism when doing research in the community, and how teachers can handle situations like this.