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Why and How Our PBL 101 Workshop Is Getting a Refresh

New features for our signature introductory PBL workshop, including the importance of knowing your students, three key levers for promoting equity in PBL, and a new project library and online learning platform for follow-up support.

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How-to Tips and Tools

Keeping Your Eye on the Learning Prize in PBL

Four tips to help ensure a focus on student learning during a PBL unit: unpack standards and success skills, specify learning targets, focus walkthroughs on learning.
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PBL Resolutions for 2019

New year's resolutions for PBL practice, crowd-sourced from teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders across the USA and around the world.
My favorite Projects 2018
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My Favorite Projects of 2018

PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer picks 15 projects from various grade levels and subject areas.