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Our New eBook: Your Project Based Learning Journey: A Guide for Teachers

A new resource to support teachers from PBL beginner to expert.

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PBL and Equity

The Pedagogy of Poverty and its Antidote: PBL

PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer recaps a classic article from 1991 about urban education, race, and control-based schooling—and finds parallels between the author’s call for “good teaching” and Project Based Learning.
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Top PBL News Stories

PBLWorks Editor in Chief John Larmer recommends and links to recent articles, blog posts, research studies, and other resources related to Project Based Learning.
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How-to Tips and Tools

Generating Ideas for Math PBL Units

A math teacher and PBLWorks facilitator explains how to turn “dessert projects” you find online into Gold Standard PBL units, and how to identify standards that can be the focus of PBL units.
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Projects in Action

PBL Collaboration ‘Cross the Country

The story of how two elementary school teachers, from North Dakota and Michigan, connected on Twitter to design similar PBL units on erosion and connected their students, to build collaboration and communication skills.