Teresa Dempsey

National Faculty

Since she was a 4-H kid with county fair projects to her PBL-based doctoral dissertation, Teresa has been an ardent advocate of PBL and deeper learning practices. Teresa currently serves as Director of Professional Development for the ESC of Central Ohio and leads PBL Ohio – a network of Ohio schools committed to BIE’s PBL learning model.  In this role, she routinely works with school leaders as a strategic thought-partner in implementing PBL reform initiatives and works diligently to network PBL educators across Ohio.  

Teresa is passionate about expanding PBL learning beyond the "one-and-done" mentality.  Her work as National Faculty inspired the growth of PBL Ohio's capacity to increase their program offering with initiatives such as the PBL Ohio Institute and in supporting higher education capacity to increase the pre-service PBL teacher pipeline. Teresa knows PBL is a tool to address educational inequity and to empower youth, furthest from opportunity.  Her keenest interest is ensuring that ALL students have access to high-quality PBL.