Sarah Cole

National Faculty

Sarah Cole is part of the National Faculty at PBLWorks. A proud product of Kansas City, MO, she credits her hometown (more specifically, her 7th grade public school science class) with being the place she first encountered the magic of project-based learning.

She currently serves as a school leader at a Washington, D.C. public charter school, where she facilitates the school's adaptation of its curriculum to incorporate project-based learning principles. Her middle school students have now engaged in justice-oriented projects to articulate student rights, reduce plastic pollution, design for playspace equity, mitigate gun violence, address food apartheid, and more.

Sarah has worked in middle school communities across the country as an ELA and Humanities teacher, Instructional Technology Coordinator, and Equity Coordinator. She is passionate about working with students, families, and fellow educators to design schooling experiences that leave Black and Brown students feeling loved, competent, capable, and purposeful. Her proudest moments as a classroom teacher were consistently connected to students surprising themselves with their learning and ability when motivated to apply them to true needs in their communities. They are her proof of the power and promise of project-based learning.

Outside school buildings, Sarah has dedicated herself as an Equity Fellow with EmpowerEd, advocating for shifts in D.C. policy to create a more equitable landscape for students, families, and educators. In addition, she has been honored to share her passion for meaningful learning through workshops and sessions at local, national, and international conferences.

Sarah holds a Master of Education Degree in Learning and Teaching from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Special Concentration in Education and American Society from Harvard College.