Rosa Moshi

National Faculty

Rosa Moshi is a professional development specialist working primarily in the areas of science and PBL in the Hudson Valley, NY. 

She was first introduced to the wonderful world of PBL as a high school science teacher at a NYC public school within the New York Performance Standards Consortium. Teaching within a PBL framework allowed her to find the joy and humanity in teaching again. She loved the creativity and challenge of developing science classes that would engage diverse learners to do authentic science work and collaboratively tackle meaningful questions. As a teacher, she developed curricula for courses on genetics, water science, microbiology, environmental justice, and more. 

Rosa supports teachers and school leaders through workshops and coaching as a professional development specialist. She particularly enjoys working to build relationships and create spaces where adults feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things. Rosa believes that schools can help students develop critical thinking skills, agency, empathy, and imagination to make our world a better place. 

Rosa holds her B.A. in anthropology and human biology from the University of Virginia, M.S in education from Lehman College through the NYC Teaching Fellows program, and is currently enrolled in a school leadership program through SUNY New Paltz.