Olivia Morales

National Faculty

After earning a B.A. in History and Master in Teaching from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Olivia has been teaching history and humanities courses for 9 years. Coming from a family of educators, she began her work in Oakland, California and lucked into working at a wall-to-wall PBL School. There she witnessed the transformative effects of scholars having voice, choice and being the leaders of the classroom and community, through Project Based Learning. 

Her move to New Orleans cemented the importance of a living partnership between students and community. Olivia was a part of the 2020 D.A.L.E Fellowship Cohort, developing and preparing teams of ESL teachers and general education teachers to better support students who are English language learners so that they can thrive at school. She is passionate about supporting all learners. She is currently an educator and College Counselor in New Orleans, Louisiana, preparing largely first generation college-bound students for college success.