Natalie Catlett

National Faculty - Kentucky

Natalie has taught learners of all ages, from early childhood to high school, in Brazil and the United States. A firm believer in the transformative power of learning by doing, Natalie is committed to increasing opportunities for students and teachers to cultivate their creative and collaborative capabilities through project-based learning. 

Over the years, Natalie has had the opportunity to take on different roles in formal and informal K-12 settings, ranging from arts integration specialist to lower school director of design thinking. Natalie has published articles on Edutopia, Teachers Matter Magazine, IB World Magazine, Porvir, and Nova Escola (two of Brazil’s popular education journals). Most recently, Natalie co-created Aventuras Criativas (Creative Adventures), a program supporting Brazilian early childhood educators by infusing play, passion, peers, and projects in children’s learning. She also founded Makers Thread, an after-school program that ensures that young girls can thrive as makers. 

Natalie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and Master of Arts in Teaching from Tufts University, where she obtained her Massachusetts Teacher License and holds a Master’s in Education from The University of Pennsylvania.