Mike Kaechele

National Faculty

Mike’s passion is inspiring educators to design engaging PBL curriculum for all content areas and age levels. During 15 years of PBL teaching, he has taught social studies, math, personal finance, STEM, and STEAM classes. Mike has integrated projects across content areas in both middle school and high school settings. He has team taught social studies with English, and math with science in integrated classes. While living abroad, Mike gained international experience teaching English in China. He was a founding teacher at Kent Innovation High School, a nationally recognized PBL school of the New Tech Network. There he created its positive culture of student inquiry. 

Mike  believes that “whoever is doing, is learning,” therefore his students direct their own learning through vigorous inquiry. Student “voice and choice” is at the heart of the authentic tasks that his students complete for the local community. They become critically thinking citizens who question the status quo, solve complex problems,  and bring justice and equality to the world.  Mike is convinced that we don’t need to prepare students for “someday,” but that they should be doing meaningful work right now!