Lacrecia Terrance

Director of District Engagement

Lacrecia Terrance is an innovative and visionary educational leader with over two decades of experience driving transformative initiatives and achieving measurable growth in diverse educational settings Lacrecia possesses a proven track record in educational innovation and leadership. Throughout her career, Lacrecia has been instrumental in fostering collaborative partnerships and spearheading strategic initiatives to elevate school performance and create inclusive learning environments. Her leadership services have empowered leaders with the necessary tools, mindsets, and skills to orchestrate Gold Standard PBL at a systemic level. 

Prior to her role at PBLWorks, Lacrecia served as the Director of Innovation, High School Principal, Academic Dean, Math Coordinator, District Curriculum Coordinator, District/ School Curriculum Specialist, District STEM Coordinator, District Title I coordinator, STEM/Innovation Director and a Classroom Teacher. As a school leader, Lacrecia spearheaded Gold Standard Project Based Learning (PBL) implementation, and orchestrated strategic initiatives, leading to the transformation of the school from an 'F' to a 'B' rating. 

Throughout her tenure, she navigated strategic initiatives, orchestrated comprehensive curriculum enhancements, fostered STEM program growth, and ensured the effective implementation of Title I initiatives. Lacrecia's visionary leadership and innovative projects, including the establishment of the Cyber Engineer Academy, have left a lasting impact on student success and educational excellence. 

As a passionate educator and student advocate, Lacrecia's commitment to shaping young minds extends beyond conventional teaching methods. Her dedication to inspiring curiosity and instilling a lifelong love for learning has contributed to significant academic growth among her students.

Lacrecia has been recognized as Teacher of the Year and Recognized Teacher by Carnegie Learning for participating in a RAND study and showing significant gains. She holds a Doctorate in Counseling, a Master of Science in Teacher Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and is a Board-Certified Counselor through The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc.