Drew Hirshon

National Faculty

Drew Hirshon is currently a K-8 STEM teacher in Pueblo, Colorado. He has been an educator for 13 years and has a unique set of educational experiences. The first 4 years as a teacher, Drew taught at an 4-8 IB school where he had the opportunity to open the school and help the school become IB certified while teaching both math and physical education. He then went on to teach and coach at a local high school where he began to integrate project based learning to create authentic learning opportunities for the very diverse student population. He loved exposing his students to a different way to learn mathematics, one in which is much more connected to the real world and created deeper learning of the content where they could see the “why” in which they were learning math concepts. After 3 years, Drew was asked to take on a STEM Coordinator position that put him in a coaching role surrounding technology and Project Based Learning at the high school and middle school STEM pipeline. He is certified in PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Biomedical Science, CTE (Career and Technical Education) STEM certification, and has a T3G certification in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with ESRI. In the role of STEM Coordinator, Drew helped lead the charge in certifying the first STEM high school west of the Mississippi through AdvancEd accreditation. He is also very passionate about the use of technology for innovation in the classroom and has worked with Apple to help develop professional development and technology implementation for his local district. His work is now focused on a brand new “Maker” school where he gets to teach grades K-8 and implements Project Based Learning with all grade levels and guides these bright young minds to innovate, create, and develop skills that will help them be successful beyond school. As a National Faculty Member he cherishes the opportunities to share his work and experiences to coach other educators to implement Project Based Learning so all students get an opportunity to have authentic, real world learning experiences.