Cheryl Dobbertin

National Faculty

Cheryl Dobbertin is a teacher, coach, and administrator who became passionate about project based learning when she saw the impact of an authentic audience on the quality of the work of her high school English students.  She's particularly intrigued by the intersection of literacy and PBL and how learning through projects deeply engages students as readers, writers, and communicators.

In her work as a school designer and director at EL Education, Cheryl supported schools invested in PBL as the primary driver of curriculum.  Today, Cheryl works as the Director of Secondary Education at East Irondequoit Central School District outside of Rochester, NY.  Her central office position has given her perspective on the supports needed to make PBL work best in the classroom. Cheryl is the author of Common Core Unit by Unit (Heinemann) which explores literacy across the content areas, and a co-author of EL Education's Transformational Literacy (Wiley).