Candice Day Arancibia

National Faculty

Candice Day Arancibia is a borderland Japanese Xicana dedicated to creating more beauty in the world through education. She is currently a third grade teacher at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, a fully integrated Project Based Learning public charter school.

Previously, she taught in a traditional school setting for 11 years serving a very diverse and underserved population in South San Diego. Here she began to deeply understand the inequalities in education and believes that Project Based Learning can play a critical role in giving youth access to equitable learning experiences. These experiences have given her two very different perspectives in education and have allowed her to blend traditional and progressive education. She uses a wide variety of tools, strategies, and practices that can lead to a more libratory education rooted in love and justice. 

Candice shares her gifts as a facilitator with High Tech High, the National Writing Project (SDAWP), Real World Scholars, and  PBLWorks, and has nurtured educators through Project Based Learning, DEI workshops, student entrepreneurship, and best writing practices. 

She is currently enrolled at San Diego State University for her masters in Multilingual Education with an emphasis in critical literacy and social justice.