Aaron Eisberg

National Faculty – West

Aaron started in the classroom by focusing on small groups, projects, accountability and inquiry learning. As elementary teacher he developed and taught curriculum using best practices.

With Aaron's background in elementary, he focuses on the rigor of content and learning progression in project design, implementation and foundational content, knowledge and skills are drivers in student outcomes.

Aaron currently works as a the Learning Coordinator for the Center for Excellence at New Technology High School, the flagship school of the New Tech Network. As coordinator he supports the deepening of project based learning implementation and the strengthening of a student-led culture, supporting school wide learning outcomes. He also helps develops and support the next iteration of PBL at New Tech High.

Aaron received a B.S. degree in Natural Science from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University Bloomington. He currently holds a Multiple Subject Credential and single subject credentials in Biological Sciences, Introductory Science and Technology.

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