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Our New eBook: Your Project Based Learning Journey: A Guide for Teachers

A new resource to support teachers as they travel from PBL beginner to expert.

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Projects in Action

PBL Wins in the 2018-2019 School Year

Seven teachers from various grade levels, subject areas, and schools around the U.S. tell about successful projects their students completed, and reflect on the value of PBL.
General PBL

Why and How Our PBL 101 Workshop Is Getting a Refresh

New features for our signature introductory PBL workshop, including the importance of knowing your students, three key levers for promoting equity in PBL, and a new project library and online learning platform for follow-up support.
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How-to Tips and Tools

4 Ways to Build a PBL Culture

A PBL Works National Faculty member and teacher explains the importance of relationships, student ownership, common language and processes, and promoting a growth mindset.