As January unfolds it presents a fresh opportunity for renewal, especially within the context of your classroom and school! It invites reflection, giving you the chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the first semester—big and small. It's also a great time to think about what's ahead for 2024! Are you ready for the new opportunities and successes the new year will bring? 

As an educator or school leader, the new year is an excellent opportunity for you to assess your and your team's professional growth. 

Where are you in your Project Based Learning journey? How can you improve your PBL practice? In what ways can you have an even greater impact on student engagement and learning in 2024? Will becoming a more informed PBL leader help grow and support the conditions needed to effectively implement PBL in your school or district? 

If you want to learn to integrate the Essential Project Design Elements into your classroom projects or explore new pathways to advance your PBL initiative, PBLWorks can provide the perfect professional learning option.

The PBLWorks 2024 Services Catalog is Now Available

With that in mind, the PBLWorks 2024 Services Catalog is a great starting point. Our catalog  takes the guesswork out of finding the right PD options for you. We offer a wide range of services for individual educators and school, district, regional, state, and even international partners! 

Our newest catalog includes our foundational workshops and courses, like PBL 101, PBL Coaching, and PBL Leadership, along with new services we are particularly excited about: Leading PBL in the Content Areas and Project Design Consulting.,

We designed Leading PBL in the Content Areas to help district and/or state curriculum leaders understand how Gold Standard PBL can support their aspirations for students across content areas, especially for special populations, including English Language Learners, Special Education, and Early Childhood. 

To support these aspirations, last year, we launched the PBL Spotlight Series—a valuable resource to guide you through the unique opportunities for PBL across disciplines. If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore this series yet, dive into the collection here

In Project Design Consulting you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how to design high-quality projects based on the Gold Standard Essential Design Elements

Through these immersive experiences, you’ll learn from our expert National Faculty members who have a comprehensive understanding of the PBLWorks Project Based Learning model. Our National Faculty are all seasoned PBL teachers, administrators, school and district leaders, coaches, and authors who can attest to the impact PBL has on individual students and entire learning communities.

Educational Equity and Professional Development

In terms of impact, we know that Gold Standard PBL can be especially transformative when implemented with an intentional equity focus. Our vision at PBLWorks is for all students, especially Black and Brown students, to engage in high quality Project Based Learning to deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career, and life. All of our professional development offerings are designed to promote equity in PBL, guided by our Four Equity Levers: Knowledge of Students, Cognitive Demand, Literacy, and Shared Power. 

Our PBL 201: Equity & Gold Standard PBL workshop will teach you how to foster equity in the classroom. The workshop will be offered at PBL World 2024, our premier in-person, multi-day conference that brings together educators who want to begin and advance their PBL practice and connect with a community of their peers. 

In this workshop you will refine a project design with educational equity in mind and plan for project implementation with an eye toward creating meaningful, challenging, and culturally relevant learning experiences for all learners.

New PBL Curriculum Workshops at PBL World 

We also have a surprise for you! PBL World 2024 is the only place to experience our new and expanded PBLNow curriculum workshops! We will have workshops for K–5, middle, and high school science teachers, middle school math teachers, and social studies teachers who teach grades 4–12.  You will unpack the Gold Standard Essential Design Elements and Project Based Teaching Practices you need to tailor a PBLNow curriculum unit to implement in your classroom. You’ll leave the workshop with a personalized project calendar and an understanding of navigating and utilizing the tools and resources you need to successfully implement the project with your students.

We are prepared and eager to support you in your PBL journey in 2024! Ready to kick things off?

Choose your pathway here, or reach out to our team to find the best option for you. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2024 as we continue supporting you in your PBL journey!