PBL Leadership Workshop

Dive into how your school and/or district leadership team can grow the conditions needed for Gold Standard Project Based Learning to thrive in your system.
Leadership Workshop

Workshop Description

In consideration of your current reality, you will design a customized strategy to launch or advance Project Based Learning in your unique setting. Due to the collaborative nature of the workshop, participants are required to attend as a school leadership team that includes the principal or a district leadership team that includes the superintendent. Both new and experienced practitioners of PBL are welcome.

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  • July 9 -11, 2024

Who should take this workshop:

School or district leadership teams of 3-5 leaders. School leadership teams should include the principal, instructional coaches, department or grade level chairs, technology leads, and others who will support the implementation of Project Based Learning.  

District leadership teams should include the superintendent, content area leads, Title 1 coordinator, technology leads, and others who will support the implementation of project based learning. 

Workshop Outcomes 

• Deepen understanding of Gold Standard PBL as an equity-centered approach to teaching and learning.

• Assess their school’s current reality for PBL.

• Identify and address a key PBL implementation challenge.

• Identify key action steps for implementing PBL in their school or district.

• Engage together as a community of leaders and learners to lead the changes needed to scale Gold Standard PBL in their district/school.

The Essentials

Instruction:  Led by a member of PBLWorks' National Faculty – seasoned teachers, administrators, school coaches, and PBL experts

Workshop Size: Up to 50 participants

Workshop Length: 3 days

Pre-requisite: None

What you will do in 3 days

In the PBL Leadership Workshop, you will learn more about the Gold Standard Essential Design Elements and Project Based Teaching Practices, and create a PBL implementation plan that includes a vision for PBL and actions for building the culture and conditions for the launch and continuous improvement of PBL.

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Day #1

Project Slice

This day demonstrates what it is like to be a learner in Project Based Learning by engaging participants in an immersive PBL experience—a “slice” of a student-facing project. The day will model the key features of the PBL process. Throughout the day, participants are encouraged to reflect on the pedagogical moves they are experiencing as PBL learners and the implications for their leadership contexts.

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Day #2

Current Reality & Desired Future

Participants will reflect on their understanding of Gold Standard PBL and how it aligns with desired student outcomes. Teams will consider their current reality and where they need to grow in order to implement PBL successfully. Each school team will determine an area of focus for their final product.

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Day #3

Building the Implementation Plan

Participants will consider their school conditions and determine what additional supports or structures they need to incorporate for PBL implementation. Teams attend differentiated workshops to support their final product development. In the afternoon, each school team will present its plan for PBL implementation.

A few more things to know about  PBL Leadership

PBL Leadership models the PBL process.  You'll be experiencing the same style of learning that you will support your teachers with. The workshop models many features of Project Based Learning — from an engaging entry event to a final public product.

You'll experience a mix of learning activities.  The workshop is a blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. 

You get access to a host of online resources. Online resources — including an in-workshop companion and post-workshop learning modules — provide continued support beyond the workshop so you can effectively support teachers with project implementation.

You'll understand how PBL supports educational equity.  Every workshop and every service we design reflects our mission to prepare all students for academic, personal, and career success.

It's part of a sustained learning journey.  Real change happens over weeks, months, and even years, not overnight. After PBL Leadership, you can continue on your learning path by accessing online resources exclusive to workshop participants,  as well as exploring additional options such as PBL Leadership Jumpstart, School Leader Networks, or District Partnerships to deepen your PBL Leadership practice.