PBL Leadership Jumpstart

This service supports school leaders in preparing for a successful PBL 101 experience and provides initial guidance on supporting teacher implementation of Gold Standard PBL.

The Leadership Jumpstart consists of two 90-minute coaching sessions for leaders. 

The first coaching session should be held 3-6 weeks prior to the PBL 101. In this session,  participants calibrate on their why and expectations for PBL and learn how to ensure a successful 101 experience.

The second session should be held 2-4 weeks after the PBL 101. In this session, participants will reflect on the 101 experience and gain an introduction as to how to build the culture and capacity for PBL in their school in service of teacher project implementation. 

Participants will leave both sessions with clear next steps to build excitement for and support PBL implementation.

Participant Outcomes

As a result of this service, participants will:

  • Gain clarity on expectations for teachers as it relates to designing and implementing Project Based Learning (Session 1)
  • Solidify understanding of what teachers will experience in PBL 101 (Session 1)
  • Articulate clear next steps to prepare teachers to fully and successfully engage in PBL 101(Session 1)
  • Articulate the importance of building  the culture & capacity for Project Based Learning (Session 2)
  • Be able to find resources to support teachers on their PBL journey (Session 2)
  • Engage together as a community of leaders and learners to lead the changes needed to scale Gold Standard PBL in our school/district. (Sessions 1 & 2)

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