PBL World, celebrating its 13th year, is a one-of-a-kind annual event dedicated to Project Based Learning. Immerse yourself in this unique experience, where you'll not only enhance your PBL practice but also connect with an inspiring community of educators from all over the world! This year’s theme is 'Igniting Joy Through PBL.' 

There are so many reasons to attend, but here are five we’d like to highlight. 

  1. Engage in High-Quality Professional Learning That Will Inspire You and Your Students.

    The #1 reason educators love coming to PBL World every year is to engage in our professional learning. Many educators find renewed inspiration and strategies for enriching their teaching practices through their participation in PBL World, often reaching out to share their transformative experiences. 

    Our signature PBL workshops last three days; this year, we will meet on June 25, 26 & 27 (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). PBL World 2024 is the only place to experience our new and expanded curriculum workshops! We will have workshops for K–5, middle and high school science teachers, middle school math teachers, and social studies teachers who teach grades 4–12.  

    *Pre-conference takes place on June 24. You can add on a one-day pre-conference workshop!*

  1. Exceptional Keynote Speaker.

    Each year, PBL World features speakers who are thought leaders and key drivers for change in education. Our stage has seen some incredible speakers like Ron Berger, Lisa Deplit, Dr. Jason E. Glass, and Chris Emdin, among many other inspirational speakers. Dr. Gholdy Muhammad is our keynote speaker this year, carrying on our tradition of featuring influential voices that profoundly impact the educational landscape. 

    Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, acclaimed author, distinguished professor, and consultant, is an Associate Professor of Literacy, Language, and Culture at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She has previously served as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, school district administrator, curriculum director, and school board president. She studies Black historical excellence in education, intending to reframe curriculum and instruction today. Dr. Muhammad’s scholarship has appeared in leading academic journals and books. She has also received numerous national awards and is the author of the best-selling book Cultivating Genius: An Equity Model for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy. She also co-authored Black girls’ Literacies: An Edited Volume. Get inspired as she shares how her work connects to our theme of Igniting Joy through PBL. Learn more about Dr. Muhammad here.

  2. Connect with PBL Educators Worldwide.

    Engage with a global network of PBL practitioners, exchanging ideas, sharing success stories, and collaborating on projects that transcend geographical boundaries. Last year, educators from over 40 U.S. states and countries worldwide came together for PBL World, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and beyond.  

    “It was eye opening to learn about education systems worldwide and realize the global reach of PBL. Meeting educators from regions outside of my home state, Texas, offered insights and exchanges that were truly memorable."

  3. Explore Beautiful Napa Valley.

    Experience transformative professional development amid the beautiful Napa Valley landscapes. Explore nearby hiking trails or savor a vibrant food scene—a perfect blend of learning and leisure awaits.  

“The location was great because Napa is such a safe and fun city to be close to. We had a wonderful training day, then we could spend some time in Napa. We also ran into other participants and got to know them. In a bigger city, this would not have been possible.” 

     Below, we are highlighting three spots recommended by our faculty and staff:


  1. Learn About the PBL Champions and Their PBL Journey. 

    Attend the annual awards for PBL Champions, a celebration of the individuals and teams who are impacting and expanding the work of Project Based Learning in education. Through these inspiring stories, teachers and school leaders often share how they gain valuable insights and make connections to their own PBL journey. Witnessing the successes of these champions provides a unique opportunity for reflection, collaboration, and the cultivation of ideas that can elevate PBL practices across diverse educational settings!  Last year, our PBL World champions were featured in separate news articles; read about them here and here.  

    Embrace professional growth, draw inspiration from thought leaders, connect with educators globally, and discover the enchanting Napa Valley at PBL World. We can't wait to welcome you to this transformative experience as we explore how Project Based Learning can IGNITE JOY in all facets of teaching and learning!


    ✉️ If you attended PBL World and it has impacted your teaching in transformative ways, reach out to Natalie at [email protected]. Your experience might be someone else's valuable inspiration. Join us in sharing the transformative power of PBL on teaching and learning—we can't wait to hear about your PBL journey!