Students pointing at computer screenLots of great PBL Blog posts this year on! In 2019 we’ll have many more, with a new blogging team from our National Faculty plus guest blog posts, which anyone is welcome to send us anytime.

Out of a total of 148 in 2018, here are our top 20 posts in terms of reader views, according to our analytics—which I was glad to see matched most of my favorites. Some of our later posts this fall will no doubt rise up on the list over time, as we had some good ones toward the end of the year, but this set has some very practical content that's worth revisiting:

1. Looking for a PBL School? Here’s Some Guidance

2. A Tricky Part of PBL: Writing a Driving Question

3. 10 PBL Resolutions for 2018

4. When PBL Hits the Gym: Project Based Learning in P.E.

5. Design Thinking & PBL: Why Laura McBain is BIE’s 2018 PBL Champion

6. A PBL Culture of Thinking: Routines

7. Scaffolding Student Thinking in Projects

8. How I Became a PBL Teacher by Making It My Own Project

9. Using a Gallery Walk for Formative Assessment in PBL

10. Students’ Basic Needs Must be Met Before They Can Learn Deeply

11. How to Get Started Planning a Full Year of PBL

12. PBL vs. Product-Based Learning

13. 3rd Grade Project: Real-Life Lessons in Fairy Tales

14. Inside Out: A Science Unit That Taught me the Ins & Outs of PBL

15. Structuring the Chaos: Making PBL Feel Safe for New Teachers & Students

16. PBL in Music: Driving Questions Invoke Deeper Musical Learning

17. How to Improve (or Abandon) Some “Classic” Initial Ideas for Projects

18. How to Get Higher Quality Work in PBL

19. PBL and Literacy: A Perfect Match for Elementary Schools

20. Connecting the New High Quality PBL Framework with Gold Standard PBL

John Larmer, Editor in Chief
John is editor in chief at PBLWorks, where he has helped create professional development workshops and PBL curriculum materials. He writes for and edits the PBL Blog, and is the co-author of several books on PBL.