Red square with the following printed on top "Top 15 Favorite Projects of 2016"


It’s been a big year for PBL, and it’s been hard to keep track of all the great projects I’ve heard about via emails, on Twitter, at conferences, and from our National Faculty. For this post, my source is the 200+ blogs we posted at in 2016. There I found at least 40 good projects to sort through, ranging from relatively simple ones by first-time PBL teachers to more ambitious projects by PBL veterans. I was shooting for a Top 10 list, but couldn't decide what to leave out, so...

Here are 15 projects of different types and subject areas, that appealed to me for various reasons:

Elementary School:

Middle School:

High School:

John is an education consultant and writer. He was the editor in chief at PBLWorks for many years.