James Campbell

National Faculty – South

James Campbell started his teaching career in Baltimore City Public Schools. His experiences in Baltimore City created a desire in him to make education meaningful and accessible to all students he encountered. During his over 15 years in education, he has served as a  Founding Faculty of three schools;  Academy for College and Career Exploration (Baltimore), St. Georges Technical High School (Delaware), and Arabia Mountain High School (Dekalb County, GA). Those experiences taught him to be flexible, patient and willing to take initiative.

James spent six years as a member of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI). His time at MVPS allowed him to grow as a design thinker and test how design thinking can be used in the classroom. His work with MVIFI and IDEO’s Teacher’s Guild gave him opportunities to coach and train educators in the design thinking process. Currently James serves as the STEAM Interdisciplinary Specialist at the Atlanta Girls’ School. In this role he works to assist teachers with developing curriculum, engaging students in meaningful STEAM opportunities and building community relationships. 

Throughout James’s teaching career he has used Project Based Learning as a process to give his students access to Voice and Choice in the classroom. He also uses PBL as a method to assist teachers with developing meaningful lessons and units. James is excited about PBL because of its direct connection to authentic work for all students. 

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