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Why and How Our PBL 101 Workshop Is Getting a Refresh

New features for our signature introductory PBL workshop, including the importance of knowing your students, three key levers for promoting equity in PBL, and a new project library and online learning platform for follow-up support.

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How-to Tips and Tools

How Long Should My PBL Unit Be?

A teacher and National Faculty member explains what to consider when planning and calendaring a PBL unit, offering tools and tips based on his own experience.
How-to Tips and Tools

Critique and Revision Isn’t Just for Students

A teacher reflects on a lesson learned from student feedback on a project, and offers 7 tips for how to effectively honor student voice by inviting student critique of projects and their implementation by the teacher.
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How-to Tips and Tools

PBL in the Math Classroom: A New Book, Plus More Resources

Two math teachers in the PBLWorks National Faculty have a new book with practical guidance and several detailed examples of PBL units for secondary math. Also: PBLWorks' general advice for PBL in math, and more resources for math teachers.
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How-to Tips and Tools

6 Ways to Celebrate at the End of a Project

Why and how to celebrate after a project’s final presentations or culminating event: An excerpt from the PBLWorks book, PBL Starter Kit: To-the-Point Advice, Tools and Tips for Your First Project.