Karen J. Smith


Karen J. Smith, MAOD, has over 35 years of successful business experience leading and executing initiatives using strategic thinking, system analysis, and talent development.  She recently retired after 25+ years as Assistant Superintendent for both school districts and County Offices of Education.  Prior to school leadership, Karen was a CPA for a public accounting firm serving government, non-profits and small businesses.  She is known as a creative, collaborative leader with strong interpersonal skills and a solid grounding in finance.  In May 2018, she earned her Masters in Organization Development with a focus on culture change with an interest in diversity and inclusion. Karen then began her consulting practice focusing on executive coaching, strategic planning, facilitation, and supporting leaders in change management.  

Karen is active in the Sonoma/ Napa area as she serves on the Napa Valley Vine Trail Board, mentors a sixth grader, and contributes time supporting the Sonoma Valley Youth and Family Services Diversion/ Intervention Program.  In addition to volunteering in the community, Karen along with her husband enjoy the arts and music scene; and appreciate all that the Sonoma Valley has to offer by exploring different hiking and running trails.