Ben Owens

National Faculty – South

Ben Owens spent 11 years as physics and mathematics teacher at a small, innovative public school of choice in rural Appalachia after a long career as an engineer with a Fortune 50, multinational firm with manufacturing and R&D locations across the U.S. He now works as a freelance education consultant helping schools around the world create the conditions to design and implement localized innovations that specifically meet the needs of students in their own learning communities. He is also the co-author of Open Up, Education! How Open Way Learning Can Transform Schools, a book that makes a compelling case for why our schools must be more open if they are to truly prepare students for a rapidly changing world. 

Ben is an Open Organization Ambassador with; the recipient of the 2017 Bridging the Gap Distinguished Teacher in STEM Education; the 2016 North Carolina Center for Science, Mathematics, & Technology Outstanding 9-16 Educator Award; was a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council; a 2014 Hope Street Group National Teaching Fellow; and is a Center for Teaching Quality Virtual Community Organizer. He is also a Hope Street Group Skilling America Distinguished Fellow and a “Community TA” for the MIT Teaching Systems Lab.

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